Princess and Superhero - Personalised Video Messages

A Personalised Princess Video Message or Superhero Video Message

We offer Personalised Princess Video Messages and Superhero Video messages. Visit our shop to see what characters we have.

Is your little one’s special day coming up? Why not have as special message from a Princess or superhero, to surprise the birthday girl or birthday boy at their Princess Birthday Party or Superhero Birthday Party?

We can also provide encouraging messages for any situation to put a smile back on their faces. Have they been tidying their rooms? Doing their homework? Why not get a princess or superhero to congratulate them in a video message! 

We’ve done princess and superhero video messages for hospital visits, for classroom projects and for council celebrations too!

Maybe they need cheering up? In any situation, we can bring some positivity back into their lives with our princess and superhero video messages.

With our scripts being so personalised, our video messages are a truly unique gift / experience for kids!

We use a professional green screen studio to get realistic backgrounds for our princess and superhero personalised video messages. We also use a professional camera, lights and microphone giving you a high quality video.

We’ve had video messages ordered not only by parents, but they’ve been gifted by aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends too!

Get your kids a magical personalised video message from their favourite princess or superhero for their birthday! 

Most Popular Princess Video Messages

Most Popular Superhero Video Messages

We have been delivering princess and superhero customised video messages all over the country, but also around the world!

We are based in Irlam, Salford, Greater Manchester, UK but we’ve sent video messages to the US, Canada, Australia, Kenya, India, United Arab Emirates and even France as our princess is perfectly bilingual french / english!

Here’s a french one for a little girl in France:

How it works

Step 1 - Order

Visit our online store, select the Princess or Superhero you would like for your personalised video message and answer the questions on the order form. The questions allow us to personalise the script, so the more detail you put the better!

Example Script - Princess and Superhero Personalised Video Messages

Step 2 - Script

Using the answers you provided on the order form, we write a personalised script in the character of the princess or superhero you have selected. We may send you a copy before we record to look over.

Step 3 - The transformation

Our entertainers get into costume, do their hair and make up and transform into your favourite Princesses and Superheroes!

Example Script - Princess and Superhero Personalised Video Messages - Princess and Superhero Personalised Video Messages

Step 4 - Record

We get your selected princess or superhero into our professional green screen studio to record your personalised video message.

Unlike other companies, we don’t just record on our phones – we have professional video cameras, lighting and sound equipment. Our equipment is worth thousands, so you can be sure that the recording will be of a high quality

Professional Editing Software - Princess and Superhero Personalised Video Messages - Princess and Superhero Personalised Video Messages

Step 5 - Editing

We take the footage from our studio and import to our professional video editing suite.

Here, we add in the realistic background for the princess video message or superhero video message. We also add in music and colour grading to give the princess or superhero video a high quality finish.

Facebook Screenshot - Princess and Superhero Personalised Video Messages - Princess and Superhero Personalised Video Messages

Step 6 - Delivery

Once the princess or superhero video message is complete, we will upload a copy of it to our Facebook page and send you a copy of the file via email, through wetransfer.

You can then choose how you want to show it to your kids!

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