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Your entertainer will introduce themselves as an alumni and although there are “non magicals” around (the parents), they are here to give you a little bit of magic training before everyone gets their letters on their 11th birthday. They will organise a mini house cup.

The entertainer will have Wizarding music playing on their speaker

Sorting Hat!

The kids will get the sorting hat experience to split into 2 teams!

Wand Work and Spell Casting!

Your entertainer will teach the kids a selection of spells and wand movements

Wizards and Witches Duel!

Once trained up, a representative of each team will engage in a wizarding duel to gain points for their team!

Pass the parcel

A party favourite is pass the parcel, and we like to do this with little challenges

Find the wand!

In this game, kids must find the hidden wand 

Riding a Broomstick!

Kids will be shown how to ride a broomstick and practice doing so with a version of duck duck goose


With a version of musical bumps or Grandma’s footsteps, the entertainer will cast their stupify spell to get everyone to freeze until we have a winner!


Glitter Tattoos!

Glitter tattoos are usually offered to each child during their food break (if they have one)


Happy Birthday and Cake!

This is a nice moment to get a kids all together to sing happy birthday

Have a bouncy castle?

We like to play Seeker training on it, where kids on the castle must try and catch flying sweets coming from a little catapult (can be played without the castle but must be in a large space)

Moaning Myrtle or the Whomping Willow Or get to the Port key!

Some of our most dynamic games! Moaning myrtle involves one child blind folded trying to catch other kids “moaning”. This requires a large space. Whomping Willow is a twist on limbo. The port key game involves 2 teams going head to head to get to the port key first.

Quidditch practice relay!

In this relay, kids will get further broom practice, but also learn some Quidditch skills such as aiming, catching and throwing

Camping with Death Eaters!

This is a parachute game where everyone progressively becomes a Death Eater! This usually results in lots of giggles!

Quiz and certificates!

We like to get the teams head to head again with a Quiz. At the end of the quiz, if the kids can remember the spells they learnt, they will be given certificates!

Photo Opportunities!

Kids will be able to pose with their entertainer, holding wands or brooms!